illustration trends 2020

illustration trends 2020

The wheel of time moves and we approach the end of 2020, we develop our tools, our ideas and our inspiration, and drawing remains one of the most beautiful means through which we express our ideas, inspirations and projects.

Here I put the most famous trends in painting for the year 2020 to be inspired by your next work and designs, you do not necessarily apply them, but it is nice from time to time to dare and try new trends on you and to innovate .. you are creative.

1- Geometric 

From the oldest, most sustainable and continuous trends to our present, geometric designs are characterized by harmonious geometric shapes to convey the idea in the simplest forms.

2- 3D Illustrations

 blessings of modern technology is 3D drawing, designs that see panels of the future in application interfaces, game products, and merchandise display.

3- Isometric

It is a drawing of three-dimensional shapes and objects on a two-dimensional surface, its beauty with its ability to attract attention and convey the idea in presentations, user interfaces, and illustration designs for customers with high speed and aesthetics.

4- Exaggerated Art

One of the beautiful trends that captures the eye, despite its simplicity, but which can not prevent your eyes from it, depends mainly on exaggerating the size of some parts of the body from others.



5- Line Art & Minimalism

A line drawn to express a complete story, painting, phrase or brand.
You can use thick or thin lines, with rounded or sharp edges, to create an unforgettable pattern and drawing.

6- Limited Palette and Flat Color

“Less is more” is the main idea of this trend in painting.
Restriction in a specific color palette and creativity in shapes and characters, see the world in two or three colors and get creative!

7-  Hand Drawn

Hand-drawn drawings in organic shapes and basic lines to give spirit, fun, elegance, or even childhood spirit to a painting, product, packaging box or brand.

The drawings around us and we see them everywhere. We talked silently without the need for a word, to create amazing and memorable drawings….
And always remember … … have fun!

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